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Calendar of Events

December 01, 2023


New Year, New Air Quali-tree - Live Stake Planting

December 02, 10am-1pm @ Salmon Creek Ravine

Volunteers can help Salmon Creek Ravine in this low stakes event, by planting live stakes! Cuttings from indigenous species will be taken during this dormant season and placed in the ravine where volunteers and crews have worked hard over spring-fall to clear weeds. The cleared areas are ready for live stakes and need your environmental stewardship and keen eye for the best stake spot to improve the air quality! Come join the fun! more


Replanting Previously Cleared Area!

December 09, 10am-12pm @ Dottie Harper Park

Thanks to the hard work of area volunteers, we now have space cleared of weeds and it's time to replant it! And thanks to a community grant, we have plants! We'll be planting native trees, shrubs, and other understory plants; then once the young plants are in the ground we'll be adding a layer of mulch. more